1. Make My Day

From the recording Media In Vita

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Make my day

Hold my hand to save me from the storm and make my day
I am so helpless and feel now my decay
Just rain and steam and smoke and dust, depressions hoke my view
And I don’t know whats happened, who I´m talking to


Come along a part with me, the goal´s so far apart to see
The sense of duty of my life, the adapted I have to hive please

I´m haunted by so many voices, they blame me that I failed
I´m trapped under my mind my heart is broken and I´m jailed
I can´t appeal the run of time but I can raise my voice
again this cursed inheritance, in the end I have no choice


In my dreams I´m falling endless ever traced by crippling fears
And very frightened crys so plainly flying through my ears
Who comes up to help me now, to overcome this way
So hold my hand and save me from the storm, just make my day!