Michel Pétulli

Sound Engineer

"Built and consulted on several recording studios since 1972 (Four studios since 2006)"

Michel has worked and played in the performing arts since 1965. He picked up his slide trombone this same year and the year after he received his percussion instruments from his Dad.

He was involved in setting up our first student radio station in 1969 after the summer. He did lights and sound for a 24 hour 24 bands extravaganza in his hometown of St. Jean Sur Richelieu on June 24th before the Woodstock festival took place that fall. Than he played music with jazz and folk formations in the Old Montreal Entertainment section while learning sound from the ground up helping out to build recording studios as well as performing daily.

When he moved to the West Coast he spent time doing live to broadcast as well as live mobile recordings with such acts as; Paul Butterfield, Ian Tyson, Roger Whittaker, Tom Jones, The Jazz Police, Manhattan Transfer, Prism, hundreds through the years. He also freelanced out of many of the Vancouver area recording studios, he was trained in production with James Dockery Lisle former "Platters" producer. This got him a special look into R&B that completed the former tips and tricks learned with Andy Perry of Studio 6 and Morin Heights. He worked on the project Vancouver Seeds Album, live to radio from Gary Taylor rock room for well over a year, also worked as production manager and D.O.P. for video photo department for an advertising agency during that period.

With Michel at the helm you will never be disappointed in how your projects sound.

Sacha Pétulli


At a young age Sacha has always had music in his life. He started the saxophone at age 11 after years of playing by ear on the piano. After many years developing his art ranging from concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, and more; he went on to recording with fellow musicians. Sacha has had the privilege of playing at jazz festivals such as The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho and the Clackamas Jazz Festival in Clackamas, Oregon. These years helped sculpt Sacha's abilities with the steady hand of his gifted band teacher Gene "Sarge" Huber of Wenatchee High School. With musicians such as Don Lanphere, Jon Pugh, and many others doing concerts with students along with many a workshop this was the most rewarding time of Sacha's life.

Although he may not be one to say he’s proud of his debut release “Our Reality” it shows that his passion is music. PMT Studio came together for Sacha once he had found his father after many years. They both had interest in the arts and especially music. They produced projects at a distance for a few years with a very talented Andre Bädker in Düsseldorf, Germany. Andre runs his studio, “4D Waves”, and produces great works. It was an honor to have such a gifted musician become a part of the PMT Studio experience.

Sacha now is part of recording the instrumentation of all artists that come in to PMT Studio. He has completed 4 CD’s for artists including his own and other singles requested by musician's to add his specialty too them…saxophone. Although saxophone is his primary instrument you can see him laying down bass, drums, keys, vocals, or whatever is needed in the song to bring it to life. He hopes that there are many projects to come allowing PMT Studio to be a part of others dreams.