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Introducing a fresh cannabis Christmas concept for the holiday spirit. Meet
Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer and Little Trimmer Boy as you glide through
these cannabis parody classics. Combining rootsy tones and hints of reggae
and jazz, this seasonal selection with a green twist features the vocalist
Highgrade and Sacha Pétulli on sax. Consume some cannabis, crank these
green songs, and experience a green Christmas like never before.

‘Dreaming Of A Green Christmas’ is about more than hoping for a bunch of
weed for the holidays. It’s a bigger dream of a world fully embracing
cannabis in culture, medicine and nutrition, free of negative stigma or
ridicule. This five-song EP captures the Christmas holiday spirit and supports
true legalization, education, studies, and awareness of the positive benefits
cannabis offers to all of human kind.

Blaze Of Grass producer Johl “Jam” Chato is the “Weird Al of weed”!