DJ Stoa

For two years now I have been pestering YouTubers with my particular brand of musical nonsense. My purpose in making these tunes is primarily for my own selfish enjoyment, the combination of two of my favorite things - cheesy techno music and storytelling. Most often, I like to add music to epic speeches or quotes from movies, television, or whatever the hell else perks my ear. In ome cases, I've remixed real life speeches, in an attempt to add impact and emotion to the speech itself, without detracting from the speaker, or the message they put forth. Also, I hope the whimsy and humour of these 'remixes' draws attention to the actual speeches or stories, hopefully drawing a new audience to words with may have otherwise gone unheard. In all, each of these tunes is intended to be an homage, a tip o'the hat to the stories of people - real or otherwise - which I enjoy, and wish to share. That's it. Take care and be excellent to each other.

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