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A sight to behold

Already crack of dawn and you are just messed up.
Sweet, the drops on your skin.
With all my fingertips, I stroke your cheek and more,
Tears of joy on your chin.
You are still jerking yet and your heart beats fast,
Breathless you´re lying there…
Your goosebumps everywhere and you are feeling numb,
Speechless you´re gonna fly.

Forever end ever a sight to behold
Forever end ever a sight to behold

Oh baby what a night, we both are still stunned.
What is happened to us?
I kiss you everywhere, your taste blows up my mind,
Please baby hold on!!!
I still smell your scent, I hope it never stops
Like flowers and holy grass.
I keep it in my heart, I´ll never let you go!
I sight to behold!


Already in the dusk and we are still messed up.
Deep this feeling in there.
Our hands are everywhere, we cannot stop this game,
Tears running so cold.
We cant break up this love, cause our hearts are trapped,
Breathless we lying there….
Have you ever seen this, have you ever seen this before?
A sight to behold…