1. Even More

From the recording Media In Vita

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Even more

Flowers blossom and fade away and we are aging everyday
A new day fraught me with warm sunlight
And later the same day will be a dark night
The candle is glinting in closeness air
And I can see my life in there
Year by year is passing by and I´ll be sorry that I don’t try


How I blow up the frame now
And how I can draw the lines
I want to change the mankind and I want to do this just in times
I belong to your future
You´ve never seen this before
Together we rule the elements and you will see, quiet even more

Pieces of my life I will give and you will see how you could live
I promise you will never aste your time
I belief the assurance will be mine
The morning of lifetime has broken now
And soon you´ll find it works somehow
I´m strong enough to be a stand for the new direction, take my hand


Day by day we´re coming close and everything what I suppose
to do for you will make a sense
and nothing will keep you in suspense
The bravery to change your mind let the old creed far behind
Don’t slide back or you can´t see
Let it be, you can count on me