From the recording Island Girl

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Little Bit High - 04:36 – LYRICS

I don’t know why, when you walk by I get a little bit high

I tell myself it’s not love but I know it’s a lie

And when you smile the whole world shines in the sky

The most beautiful girl in the world and you don’t even try


A girl like you could never love a boy like me

But I’d give the world to you if it was meant to be

The world revolved around you everyday every night

The sun the stars and the moon only shine in your light

Just to be around you gets me high as a kite

When everything’s going wrong ya you make it all right


Everywhere that you go men fall at your feet

Girl you’re lookin’ so hot they’re gonna die of the heat

Everyone stops to stare when you’re walkin’ the street

Sweet music fills the air when you’re keepin’ the beat


Repeat first line x4 and fade