Saxophone Lessons - Basic Guitar - Basic Bass - Basic Keyboard

Please contact for further information about lessons. The content of the lessons will be solely focused on what the individual student is either currently working on in the classroom at local schools or tailored to the individual goals of the student. If you are older and would like to inquire about starting don't hesitate. It is never to late to begin a new journey in the world of music.

Location of lessons will be in the students home or other accommodations if necessary. There may be studio instruction also upon request. Please use the
contact form for further information or booking.

1/2 HOUR @ $20.00

1 HOUR @ $30.00

Over 20 Years Experience

I would like to add some details of my experience in the past and what I currently do as a musician. To start out it would only be appropriate to state that I started playing alto saxophone at twelve years old. During the time from age twelve until now, I have had a lot of great experiences learning from very great performers. In addition to having the privilege to play with such musicians as Don Lanphere, there have also been great opportunities to compete in Jazz Festivals such as the "Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest" in Moscow, Idaho. Other competitions in Oregon State also were of past experiences.

Awards that have been achieved during the times of my high school years were as a AAA (Triple A) band and also as an individual soloist. My award for one instance in Moscow, Idaho was 3rd place soloist in a group of thirty-six bands that year. In an effort to keep myself up to my level of playing I continued practicing and also received a recognition in Clackamas, Oregon for their Jazz Festival.

In the year of 1992 there was the opportunity to go on to the National Collegiate Wind Band in Europe for their yearly tour. Even though the opportunity was not taken, this takes a great deal of skill to become nominated and finally accepted for this event. I was honored to be accepted at the time and to this day wish I had gone.

Currently I am playing both live and studio performances making sure that my skill does not fade with time. It is very important that as a musician you practice on a daily basis. In an effort to bring this knowledge to younger students it would be an honor to teach those who are wanting to learn. There are many things that make a great musician and the most important factor is that you have fun doing it.